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A Perfect Blue Sky

...fading into the sunset.

Saeki Koujirou
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IC Information:
Character name:
Saeki Koujirou
Age: 22
Trick: Invisibility Glamour

Saeki possess the ability to turn his body and certain things with a very limited proximity of his flesh invisible. His control is, at present, very limited. At the moment, he can turn his entire body invisible at will, as well as decide whether or not his clothing will remain visible. There are times, however, when part of him simply vanishes; he may, for example, wake up to find the second knuckles of all the fingers on his left hand gone or a coat that simply won't show up when he puts it on. The problem with clothing is easily solved -- he need only take it off and swap with a different piece or put another layer over it. When his skin vanishes, well...that is another difficulty that he normally makes up for by wearing clothing that covers the errant body part. He also can not say just how long the invisibility will last. It could be a few minutes, or even a few days.


Even people who know him well will call Saeki Koujirou an enigma.

He's difficult to put one's finger on, categorize...place. Because there is simply something about Saeki that doesn't seem to belong, and yet, he fits in without trying. Blends into the group, as it were. Not that that stops people from noticing him. Saeki's used to being the center of attention and caters to the spotlight regardless of who he's with or where he's at. He has a sharp wit, stunning looks, dazzling blue eyes and a killer smile on top of a natural grace that just seems to attract people's eyes.

Outwardly, he maintains a friendly, charming manner. He always has small quip, or a sultry turn of phrase on his tongue, a mischievous glint to his eyes. He flirts readily, not one to deny or refuse affection of any sort, and makes friends quickly with most. His mannerisms are laid back, befitting of a Chiiba-born beach boy; conventions are disregarded if they don't suit his current fashion, though he knows when and how to maintain appropriate shows of respect.

In the end, though, it's all smoke and mirrors. Saeki doesn't expose all of himself to just one person, not completely, and the visage that he affects rarely falters when faced with the majority of the world.

Though he has many acquaintances, Saeki doesn't have very many people that he truly calls his friends. Getting close to him is akin to navigating a twisting maze, full of dead ends and false turns. Those he is closest too -- and they are very few -- know that though Saeki seems to care about no one but himself, he is incredibly loyal and protective of what he deems His. His friends. His family. His lovers.

This inner circle of trustworthy people is very closed, to the point that few know about the sharp and analytic mind that lies beneath the carefully cultivated and laid back surfer-boy exterior. He can be extremely serious and calculating, especially in regards to getting what he wants -- and Saeki isn't the type of person who's used to not getting what he wants either. Fortunately, few things are actually out of his reach.

Few people too, but that's another story.

History: (including how and when they discovered their trick)

Saeki grew up just minutes from the beaches of Chiiba with his parents and elder sister, Kiyoko. His father, a computer programmer, worked full time and often late into the evenings or on weekends, giving the children very little time with him. Saeki's mother, however, was an artist turned stay-at-home mother who tended to the two children and indulged her creative urges as best she could. Both Koujirou and Kiyoko were encouraged to explore their own creativity, their mother's studio as much their playground as the nearby white sands. Whereas Kiyoko ended up showing more of an interest in dramatics, however, young Koujirou was drawn to his mother's passions. Paints became his preferred medium, though he indulged in the large supple of clay and other medium that she kept around.

It was hardly a surprise, then, that Saeki would be drawn to beautiful to things. Even at a young age, he had an eye for things that pleased him and drifted in their direction without much thought. In school, he spent a lot of his time in the art organizations, though that was hardly his only hobby. He was naturally athletic, and blessed by the closeness of the water, surfing and swimming were as natural to him as breathing. By the time he had left high school, he'd won several awards for surfing alone. Kendo, too, was another passion that he dedicated much of his free time and had collected several medals for during his school years.

Though always popular, Saeki had fallen into a particular crowd when he was young -- creative, artistic like him, and perhaps just a bit eccentric. He was the level-headed one, the sly one...the instigator of many misadventures, though really, he swears that most of his ideas were only suggestions. It wasn't like anyone had had to take them. However, he was known for having a sharp mind and devilish smirk. And because his friends were so varied, he hardly paid mind to the differences in their ages.

It wasn't like it mattered, so long as they were up for some fun.

Thus, life was pretty smooth for Saeki up until middle school, when one of his best friends suddenly disappeared. It left him feeling bereft, hurt...and confused. None of which he would admit to because by this time, he had an Image to keep up. Instead, he hid the pain behind an unconcerned mask, which, as he got older, broke apart into several other masks until he was keeping almost everyone at a guarded distance. If no one was allowed close, then no one could disappear on him again -- and if they did, it wouldn't hurt so much if they weren't close. Or so went his logic all through high school and college.

He graduated from college with a degree in graphic design and settled down in Chiiba. Saeki took to doing freelance work during the day and bartending at night. His apartment was small, but relaxed and close to the beach; it suited the young man -- who still surfed often, even if he'd set aside his kendo equipment -- well. Everything was...nice. Peaceful. Nearly perfect.

Until Saeki opened the door to his apartment and found a letter outside his door. It seemed like a hoax -- a strange one at that, because...magic? Pfft...yeah right. He threw it away and forgot about it…at least until a few weeks ago, when Saeki Koujirou woke up to find that he had disappeared.

His entire body was just gone.

He spent days locked inside his apartment, aware that he was...there, but unable to see himself in any mirror. He could see his clothes, things he moved...everything but his own body. He avoided the phone, his sister's and parents' questions, and all of his friends.

It took two weeks for the glamour to wear off, and by then, the eerie words of that letter had come back to haunt him. Determined to not endanger his family or friends or deal with their inquiries, Saeki decided to move away from Chiiba to Tokyo; he claimed that his chance to get freelance work would be better if he were closer to the larger city. Not that freelance work pays most of his bills, leaving him no choice but to pick up a second job again.

At least he still has his bartender's license.

[Played for twilightprince by moonsliver]